Our Vision & Synopsis

Our Vision

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A California Distinguished School

Our comprehensive vision encompasses our core values, goals, and standards and establishes overarching protocols that determine what is important, what students should know, and how students should be able to demonstrate mastery. During our 30-year existence, we have continually refined our vision to reflect current research and movements in education, but the crux of our mission has remained constant in its student focus, and we ultimately make all decisions based on "what is best for children".

We at Emma C. Smith Elementary School are committed to providing all children with:

  • a standards-based learning environment that is aligned with State and District standards
  • a strong, well-balanced, rigorous instructional program to meet unique, individual needs
  • a supportive, caring environment that fosters self-esteem, self motivation and a sense of personal and community responsibility
  • opportunities to reach individual, full potential
  • a physically and emotionally safe and secure, student-centered campus that supports academic risk-taking and encourages student participation

We believe:

  • education is a cooperative effort between the home, school and community
  • all stakeholders are accountable for students meeting State and District standards
  • it is our responsibility to clearly communicate performance expectations and results

We will create an atmosphere wherein:

  • teachers and staff feel valued
  • families feel welcome
  • students experience the excitement of learning and develop a love for learning

Our primary goal is to:

  • prepare our students to become responsible citizens and productive community members


Our Synopsis

Smith School: 'A Living Legacy . . . Super students, Super staff, Super support, Super school!'

For over 30 years, Smith School has served as a paradigm of academic excellence in a San Francisco Bay Area suburb marked by rapid change and economic growth, yet steeped in tradition. A public commitment to a hearty work ethic and the upholding of a solid core curriculum and high standards for all are the constant core values that have withstood the test of time and become ingrained in the Smith culture. Tucked away in a residential middle-class neighborhood, far removed from Interstate 680 and the bustling downtown, Smith offers 674 students and families a sanctuary and soothing respite from the breakneck pace of the modern commuting world. Both nurturing and challenging, the Smith community consciously forms a quality educational program and experience by merging best practices, past and present, to benefit students in these crucial, formative elementary years.

To fully grasp the 'Spirit of Smith,' one must look first to its namesake, Miss Emma Caroline Smith, a pioneer and descendent of one of the original California settling families. Her attributes were many--a strong will, perseverance, and high ethical standards, coupled with keen intelligence, natural curiosity for academia, and a zest for life. An incredible, legendary educator and role model, she was an irreplaceable pillar in the educational community during her 40-year professional tenure. Miss Smith has long since passed on, but her familial ties to Smith School run deep, and her legacy lives on in the character traits she upheld and the brilliant, intellectual example she set. The 'Smithsonian,' a living artifact museum display of history and academic achievement remains as a celebratory tribute. Today, it features a multitude of student accomplishments and memorabilia highlighting campus life.

Livermore has undergone a gradual transformation; no longer a purely agricultural farmland, its constituents have managed to retain the sanctity of original values and traditions, while embracing emerging technologies and modernization. The result is a balanced community that simultaneously boasts a historic downtown, an acclaimed annual rodeo, internationally recognized wineries, thriving venues for the arts, as well as a municipal airport and the preeminent Lawrence Livermore National and Sandia Laboratories. Closely mirroring the surrounding community's experience, Smith School preserves its legacy, yet moves forward progressively to ensure that its precious populace is fully prepared for the challenges and rigor of productive life in the 21st century. Our student body is increasingly diverse, yet seamlessly unified. Smith School is beginning its second year in a brand new modern facility that can accommodate 700 plus students. As in all aspects of the school's operation and visioning process, Smith's close-knit community is integrally involved in the design and planning process for new construction. Side by side, the Smith community of parents, staff, and students, forges ahead.

Upon entering Smith School one is impressed by the wide-open space of the courtyard surrounded by grade level wings of classrooms. An open air yet secure atmosphere persists throughout the campus. The new principal believes it takes a village to educate the youth of today and with the assistance of a ever involved community, strives to see that all students reach their potential.